OUT NOW: After the ends of the world 2

My latest book is a collaboration between me and Susanne Johansson of Wormgod, and also includes a soundtrack.

Once more we explore the different ways the world ended. From a hindsight perspective we delve into various scenarios to pinpoint the details of the apocalypse.

Comics and illustrated texts from the minds behind Wormgod, a roadmap of things to navigate to come out on the other side of the future. Also a furious description of the world we live and die in now, with all its horrors.

You can buy the book here!

The soundtrack features:

You can listen to the KOEFF track on YouTube.
Both the SYSTEMET and TRAUMA COMMAND track are live recordings from last year’s TRAUMA, for those of you who missed or want to relive it.

And here’s a taste of some of my one-page illustrations/stories:


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