April 12, 2019

The donkey unicorns were completely different from the horse-based ones. They showed absolutely no mercy.


Some random drawings

March 7, 2019

Some more random drawings from Procreate. Maybe I’ll use some of these for something some day, we’ll see…


CBA vol 30 will be the first issue of CBA featuring the new editorial crew (and ONLY the editorial crew, for once).

So I made this story: VIRAL.

I wanted to do something special. Not sure if I managed that, but it’s a short story based on an idea I had. I drew the thing and everythin, months before deadline. Made a b/w version for Stripburger (which they chose not to publish, which is kind of normal when I send them stuff), and then I decided that I didn’t like it the way I had done it. So I made another version (and a third version that never got developed further than the drawing stage).

Here are some pages.

Version 1:

viralv1-2 viralv1-7 viralv1-4


Version 2:

EDIT: The new version was entered into a competition and cannot have been published before, so even if it was just unfinished small-size exerpts, I decided to take them down. If you missed them you’ll just have to wait for CBA vol 30, which will be out in December (mysteriously 1,5 months after vol 31).



Version 2 is really far from what I usually do, drawing style-wise, but for this story I think it serves its purpose better, and I really liked how the colors turned out…


May 18, 2015

More sketches. There will be some more serious stuff soon, I promise!

The first one was inspired by seeing Danijel Zezelj handle a roller.


I once saw the original Alien costume from the first movie at a HR Giger retrospective exhibition. In a dark room, next to his furniture, it sat perched on some stool or something. I expected it to start moving at any time, but it never did, resulting in that special feeling of disappointment and relief at the same time. sketch10alien

I have nothing to say about these last few drawings:


sketch03bjorne…except I call this one “the knifist”:  sketch01knifist

Sketches: BETMEN etc

May 16, 2015

Hey, look! It’s Clark Kent in a Superman costume!

sketch04superman sketch08betmen01 sketch07betmen02



A while ago I downloaded an app called Draw n Sketch. I wanted something that would allow me to draw stuff without having to leave my bed in the morning. It’s pretty fun to play around with, even if it’s limited when it comes to work-related stuff. Which didn’t stop me from making a few comics on it. Anyway, here are some loose sketches:

sketch14grl sketch12skull02 sketch09grl sketch06skull01 sketch13skull03sketch02grl


Thing is that I usually don’t do sketches, and I hardly ever draw stuff when it’s not meant for something specific. So this got me started doing some non-workrelated stuff. Which was fun, I guess.

I’ll show you some more of this stuff later. Probably…



March 31, 2014

This may be the wEirdest comic I’ve made lately. Refused from the upcoming RADIO issue of Stripburger, and I will probably forget all about it tomorrow, so you’ll have to read it here instead.

radio01 radio0203 radio0405 radio0607


For Amalia

March 14, 2014


Everything for the Art…

January 3, 2011

I was looking through some old files and found some stuff I’d forgotten about. Like this one that I made maybe seven or so years ago. Sorry about the language…

Models were Oskar and Matilda.

Click the pages to see bigger format…

Looking at it now, it’s a bit of a different approach than I usually have now. Still, I think it was quite nice. I like the drawings…

On the other hand, it’s like a sketch for the concept of Metamagic that I’ve been developing in Piracy is Liberation.

Style experiments…

April 27, 2010

Ever since I saw the MASSIVE anthology, I’ve been wanting to experiment with a new drawing style. Guess the closest I’ve come to what I want to be doing is the graphics for the AltCom 2010 Festival.

Most certainly, I’ll experiment some more for the next Brand illustration…