75 years…

January 27, 2020

75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. Will we make it to 100 without a repetition of the Holocaust? This year, for some reason, someone somehow allowed the Sweden Democrats (our biggest racist party) be in charge of a remembrance ceremony. Oh, did I call them racist? I’m not sure that’s allowed anymore, because it would mean that a great segment of the Swedish population would also be racist for supporting them. And we can’t have that, can we? They did use to be nazis, and they do blame every bad thing they can think of on immigrants, muslims, leftists, descendants of immigrants, feminists etc. But that’s not enough anymore, it seems, as long as they don’t openly call themselves racist.

Anyway, I made these two comics (I only have Swedish versions, sorry for that) for the exhibition Mus, Mouse, Maus in 2010/2011, an exhibition to honor Art Spiegelman’s excellent comic Maus, and also in remembramce of the Holocaust:

And the follow-up, since they asked for a new, less provocative version for a later edition of the exhibition:

I really should translate these, shouldn’t I? I’ll try to do that at some point…

Asylkalendern 2017

October 25, 2016

Coming soon: Asylkalendern 2017!

I think it’ll be out in December so you should buy it then! It’s the 2017 calendar from Asylgruppen Lund that they sell to support their support work for asylum seekers. Each year, they invite various artists and writers to provide material for it. This is my entry for this year (click images for bigger version):



I am so fucking tired of this same rant over and over.
But now those assholes have gone and done it again and made it even harder to get some humane treatment if you come here to apply for asylum.
Harder to get into the country, harder to get into Europe…
…harder to get residency. And they’ve made it easier to deport people.
People who never even set foot there are being sent to Afghanistan just because they are willing to receive them, according to the new deal that Swedish authorities have been able to work out with the Taliban.
I’m sure it looks great in the statistics, because now they can enforce more deportations.



And Afghanistan may not be the safest country for a vacation, rather one of the worst…
…but now the Taliban have SAID that they represent the country and that it’s safe for refugees to return (even though some of them were born in Iran and have never been in Afghanistan).
And it may be inhumane to send lonely children there, so we solve that problem by just waiting until they turn 18.
So our poor, hard-working officials can go on sleeping well at night.


Yeah, that’s right. You may have a different image of what Sweden is like, but it’s time to forget that now because that’s old news… It’s also noteworthy that this is a Sweden run by the Social Democrats, so we don’t even need the right wing for this, even if they’d probably do the exact same, or probably worse.

By the way, if you read Swedish, here’s a statement from Tusen Serier.

Arga Kaniner

December 18, 2014

Uppdaterat www.elftorp.com med flera Arg Kanin-serier, bland annat från senaste Asylkalendern (Asylgruppen Lund), Ta upp kampen mot Arbetsförnedringen (Arbetsförnedringen) med mera.

Direktlänk till Arg Kanin


Apropå senaste nytt från riksdagen…


AltCom 2014

November 3, 2014




Arg Kanin om 87%

September 18, 2014

Mitt bidrag till Asylgruppen Lunds Asylkalendern 2015: Vackra ord

Aktuellt nu efter valet. Saker som är bra att ha i åtanke innan man slår sig för bröstet och känner sig duktig för att man inte röstade för SD. Lugn och trygg tillbaka i Socialdemokratins Sverige. Lugn och trygg på ett sätt som man bara kan vara om man inte är papperslös och jagas oavsett regering och oavsett om SD får 5 eller 13 eller 33%.

Visst är SDs framgångar ett dåligt tecken, men de har inte monopol på rasism. Och Många av deras väljare verkar dessutom främst vara missnöjda med de andra partierna. Vilket är fullt förståeligt.

asylkalendern2015-01 asylkalendern2015-02

2 Arg Kanin

March 25, 2014

Dagens två Arga Kaniner…

att flytta


This weekend saw an attack/attempted murder by nazis on antifascists/feminists, in an area of Malmö where nazis haven’t dared go for a long time. And of course the police and media describes it as a brawl between extremists to try and diminish the importance of what happened.

Here’s the story in Swedish and English.

And here’s a comic about it, but only in Swedish:

nazisterna-8mars01 nazisterna-8mars02 nazisterna-8mars03 nazisterna-8mars04

Today’s news

February 11, 2014

About what happens today.

Not only today as in “these days”, but actually today. As if that would make a differene…

Arg Kanin about today's event

Swedish version here.

In contrast, here‘s some better news if you can trust it. So why not in Sweden?

Hållbar konsumtion

April 12, 2013

Doing this in Swedish since the comic is in Swedish. Sorry…

Fick vidarebefordrat en inbjudan till den här tävlingen häromdan. Innan jag ens hunnit resa mig ur sängen hade jag skrivit ett manus som jag sedan tecknade samtidigt som jag gjorde det jag egentligen skulle göra.

Insåg såklart att den aldrig skulle vinna mig några 100 000 kr, så jag visar den här istället.


Arg Kanin om Hållbar Konsumtion (klicka för större storlek)