June 17, 2016

So next week is another CRACK! festival, that orgasm of creative underground madness that comes every year, like an internationalist family reunion.

And in the midst of everything else, I’m trying to produce something new. I didn’t have as much time for this as I had hoped, but here’s something at least that I painted the other day and will make some different versions of…


For some reason it’s often about death and skulls and such. I blame society…

And then it’s going back home for the finishing run of the AltCom festival. But a lot of that is already under contol. Most of the program is set, most of the posters have been designed, most of the films are confirmed, and the anthology is now at the printer.

So it all feels good, and the extra shot of inspiration that is CRACK! won’t hurt either…

Perfect sense…

June 14, 2016

Sooner or later, all you see around you will have turned to dust. You will be dead as a doornail and then all of this will disperse.

It’s not completely unlikely that the expansion of the universe will one day have gone far enough that the smallest particles can’t interact even at the speed of light because they are too far apart. By then, the concept of “day” will be long gone. Text will be meaningless, because even if this sentence would be spread out over a bigger area than the now observable universe, no one could see it because no one would be close enough that its light could ever reach them because everything will be too far apart (and keep expanding faster than light could keep up) for light to reach anything.

So let’s spend the precious time we have being greedy, racist, homophobic etc assholes, why don’t we?

Because that makes sense…


prostituerande-1This Friday we will host the release exhibition for Amalia Alvarez‘ new book, Five stories about prostituters at Hybriden.

As with her first book, Fem papperslösa kvinnors historier, this one is based on interviews with people who are often discussed but seldom with their own voices.

They live in a part of the Swedish society that isn’t visible for everyone but that still exists, under the surface.

Hybriden (Mitt Möllan, Claesgatan 8, Malmö)
Opening June 10 16-22
Opening hours until July 20:
Mon/Wed 16-20
Sat 12-16

From 17 during the opening, Amalia will hold a presentation and read some from the book.



See more at the Tusen Serier website.

See you there!