May 31, 2016

I’m having an exhibition called Vasta-aine (Antidote) at the Comics Centre in Oulu, Finland, in August!

What I will show is two of my recent (unpublished) comics and one a bit older:
Medication (made for CBAvol35)
Fragments (made for CBAvol36)
Happiness (from Workburger and the upcoming AltCom 2016: WORK anthology)

As far as I can remember (which isn’t always reliable, I have to admit), this will be my first solo exhibition in Finland.

It will go on during all of August, and at the same place (but a different room) there will also be a simultaneous exhibition with Tommi Musturi, which is bound to be interesting.


So if you’re in Oulu in August, drop by and have a look!
I won’t be there for the opening, but I will visit Oulu a bit later in August…

Bleed for me…

May 13, 2016

Images from a new comic I made for CBA vol 35: Bleed and also for Alkom’X #10.

The story is called Medication, which goes well with my recent stories Viral and Immunology. Not sure why my titles of late have circulated around these medical themes.

Anyway, here you are. Enjoy!

medication-1xrpt medication-2xrpt


Also, this Saturday (May 14) is the release of the new issue of CBA.

CBA vol 33: REPEAT OFFENDERS by Julia Scott @ Panora (Friisgatan 19, Malmö) 17-20.




May 3, 2016

So SIS16 this weekend.

I will be with Wormgod + CBK & Tusen Serier at the same spot as 2015 and will try to bring more copies of Piracy is Liberation this time, since they sold out last time.

I will also be part of a vew panels on Saturday:

1300 – Presentation of The Hybrid & AltCom (which I should really prepare for now, but no…)

1530 – Stripburger, talking about Cool Cykel (upcoming from Tusen Serier) and, I guess, the Balkan comics scene.

I am looking forward to this even more than usual this year, I’m just a bit tired at the moment…

So let me just lean back and close my eyes and you can have a look at the fan art I made, before I have to wake back up and finish the new comic (not a new book, just a short story for some anthologies) I’ve been working on.



This doodle got lots and lots of likes on Facebook. It’s because I’ve managed to redefine my drawing style to the point where I can really reach people with my art. And appeal to the masses. Yaay!