The theme for this year’s CRACK! festival is CAPITAL. So the guests will have made fake money. Here’s Wormgod‘s, Tusen Serier‘s and mine:

wormbucks666a wormbucks666b

1000spennb 1000spenna



Unused old CBA cover…

June 11, 2015

Looking through my old CBK files, I found this sketch for an old cover (from maybe 2005). It never got used or developed or even remembered, but finding it again I kind of liked it as it is, so I’m showing it here now.


In more CBK news, we just announced that we’re open to submissions for CBA vol 32, and I’m working together with Kinga Dukaj on the cover for vol 30, which won’t look anything like this one…

CBA vol 30 will be the first issue of CBA featuring the new editorial crew (and ONLY the editorial crew, for once).

So I made this story: VIRAL.

I wanted to do something special. Not sure if I managed that, but it’s a short story based on an idea I had. I drew the thing and everythin, months before deadline. Made a b/w version for Stripburger (which they chose not to publish, which is kind of normal when I send them stuff), and then I decided that I didn’t like it the way I had done it. So I made another version (and a third version that never got developed further than the drawing stage).

Here are some pages.

Version 1:

viralv1-2 viralv1-7 viralv1-4


Version 2:

EDIT: The new version was entered into a competition and cannot have been published before, so even if it was just unfinished small-size exerpts, I decided to take them down. If you missed them you’ll just have to wait for CBA vol 30, which will be out in December (mysteriously 1,5 months after vol 31).



Version 2 is really far from what I usually do, drawing style-wise, but for this story I think it serves its purpose better, and I really liked how the colors turned out…