SIS – Stockholm International Comics festival

May 4, 2015

I’m going to be at this year’s Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival (SIS), at the tables of Wormgod, Tusen Serier and C’est Bon Kultur (but mainly with Wormgod – check the others’ websites to see what they will bring)!

I will bring the Wormgod titles:

NEW: After the ends of the world by Wormgod (Me, Susanne Johansson & Heidi Somero) with soundtrack by Concrete Threat, Knullkraft, Feberdröm, Nimam Spregleda & Dekoder 

Transgressions by me and Susanne Johansson, soundtrack by Feberdröm

Me & my Daddy & Zlatan by me

Piracy is Liberation v01: Only Sinners Disobey by me (cyberpunk postapocalypse, collection of books 001-006)

Piracy is Liberation v02: Download Everything by me (cyberpunk postapocalypse, collection of books 007-011)

A Subtle Fuck You by me (collection of short stories)

and a bunch of prints…

wormgodbook026after wormgodbook023piracyv01  wormgodbook024piracyv02

books-zlatan-eng0 transgressionscvr wormgodbook016asfu1

I will also bring an assortment of other stuff that I’ve been involved with in some way, or that I just like and want to share:

ner0blio # V
Trettionde november
La Korto


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