Yeah, I changed it since the last post. Otherwise, most of the info was correct. Most of it…



So what else is up?

Waiting for some Tusen Serier books to come from the printer. They should have been here a month ago, but… Anyway, I’ve seen two of them already and they look really nice. When they arrive there will be exhibitions! Hopefully as nice as the one we had last weekend (CBK/Allan Haverholm @ Tusen Serier).

I just started writing an application to get money to go to the Novo Doba festival in September. It’s always “fun” to write these things.

I need to find the time to make some kind of art for the exhibitions at CRACK! (Wormgod/Tusen Serier/CBK) in June and Le Garage L (me and Kinga Dukaj) in July. And to finish my story for CBA vol 30, which I’ve been reworking over and over and never seem to be really happy with for some reason.

And also writing a couple of whateverthehellyoucallthem, you know, the things you write after someone gave you money to tell them that you did al the things they gave you money for. I do take this very seriously, I just can’t think of the word for it in English. I report every month to my “boss”, but I still have to write these things myself for some reason. Maybe you really have to be me to know what I’m doing. As if that would help.

I also should really eat something and then go to bed.




Yesterday I finished the cover illustration for my new book, The Troll, which is what I’ve been working on outside of my other projects these last few months. It’s going to be published by Komika förlag, hopefully in time for CRACK! festival (June 25-28).



Not exactly sure how to describe the thing yet, but it has some elements of family drama, some queerness and an exploration of a fifth dimension concept (which, when I think about it, is kind of compatible with Butlerian queer theory). Mostly it’s been a lot of fun working on it.

It’s an expansion of a 24h comic I made back in 2005 (published in a smaller format by Komika in 2008), that I added 3 new chapters to, which makes it a bit lonjger than 100 pages in total. So it’s been 10 years in the making, as they say.

And it’s partially in 3D (old school 3D glasses will be included), so if you have a pair of 3D glasses, put them on and take another look at the cover!


May 18, 2015

More sketches. There will be some more serious stuff soon, I promise!

The first one was inspired by seeing Danijel Zezelj handle a roller.


I once saw the original Alien costume from the first movie at a HR Giger retrospective exhibition. In a dark room, next to his furniture, it sat perched on some stool or something. I expected it to start moving at any time, but it never did, resulting in that special feeling of disappointment and relief at the same time. sketch10alien

I have nothing to say about these last few drawings:


sketch03bjorne…except I call this one “the knifist”:  sketch01knifist

Sketches: BETMEN etc

May 16, 2015

Hey, look! It’s Clark Kent in a Superman costume!

sketch04superman sketch08betmen01 sketch07betmen02



A while ago I downloaded an app called Draw n Sketch. I wanted something that would allow me to draw stuff without having to leave my bed in the morning. It’s pretty fun to play around with, even if it’s limited when it comes to work-related stuff. Which didn’t stop me from making a few comics on it. Anyway, here are some loose sketches:

sketch14grl sketch12skull02 sketch09grl sketch06skull01 sketch13skull03sketch02grl


Thing is that I usually don’t do sketches, and I hardly ever draw stuff when it’s not meant for something specific. So this got me started doing some non-workrelated stuff. Which was fun, I guess.

I’ll show you some more of this stuff later. Probably…


I’m going to be at this year’s Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival (SIS), at the tables of Wormgod, Tusen Serier and C’est Bon Kultur (but mainly with Wormgod – check the others’ websites to see what they will bring)!

I will bring the Wormgod titles:

NEW: After the ends of the world by Wormgod (Me, Susanne Johansson & Heidi Somero) with soundtrack by Concrete Threat, Knullkraft, Feberdröm, Nimam Spregleda & Dekoder 

Transgressions by me and Susanne Johansson, soundtrack by Feberdröm

Me & my Daddy & Zlatan by me

Piracy is Liberation v01: Only Sinners Disobey by me (cyberpunk postapocalypse, collection of books 001-006)

Piracy is Liberation v02: Download Everything by me (cyberpunk postapocalypse, collection of books 007-011)

A Subtle Fuck You by me (collection of short stories)

and a bunch of prints…

wormgodbook026after wormgodbook023piracyv01  wormgodbook024piracyv02

books-zlatan-eng0 transgressionscvr wormgodbook016asfu1

I will also bring an assortment of other stuff that I’ve been involved with in some way, or that I just like and want to share:

ner0blio # V
Trettionde november
La Korto