Her fiery breath…

December 29, 2014



We thought that all hope was lost.
Then she came, with her fiery breath
and everything finally burned.
In gratitude, we offered her our children.

From upcoming Wormgod book: After the ends of the world.

Arga Kaniner

December 18, 2014

Uppdaterat www.elftorp.com med flera Arg Kanin-serier, bland annat från senaste Asylkalendern (Asylgruppen Lund), Ta upp kampen mot Arbetsförnedringen (Arbetsförnedringen) med mera.

Direktlänk till Arg Kanin


Apropå senaste nytt från riksdagen…


MYLING closing party…

December 15, 2014

Last chance to see the Tusen Serier: Myling exhibition will be on Friday (Dec 19, 17-22)!


Based on a short story by Amanda Casanellas, I’m one of nine artists who have made interpretations of parts of the story. This is my contribution:


A triptych of paintings made with a roller, which was just as fun to do as I had planned it to be.

Come on Friday to see them in real life!