AltCom 2014 POSTAPOKALYPS anthology!

September 7, 2014

The selection has been made for the festival anthology of AltCom 2014!

This 168 page book will be given away for free during and after the festival, which will take place November 4-9 in Malmö. Editors were me and C’est Bon Kultur. Published by C’est Bon Kultur & Seriefrämjandet (who is also the organizer of the festival). 44 artists giving their interpretations of the POSTAPOKALYPS theme…

Here’s the list:

David Mack


Markus Samnell
Nicolas Krizan
Max Solca
Tiago Baptista
Boris Pramatarov
Emm J
David Lasky
Glynnis Fawkes
Christoffer Saar
Artùras Rožkovas
Heidi Somero & Mattias Elftorp
Aleksandar Zograf
Axel Blotevogel
Nils Bertho
Johan Palm
Greg Holfeld
Jan Hoff
Emiliyan Valev & Stanimir Valev
Luiz Berger
Sissel Gustafsson
H. Hellman
Christoffer Hjalmarsson
Damir Steinfl
Ina Korneliussen
Johnie Ekman
Bo Ashi
Fanny M Bystedt
Chris Baird
Claudiu Revnic & Dan Michiu
Rio Aubry Tailor
Luddvig Melin
Steve Nyberg
Nelly Karlsson
Manuel J Neto & André Coelho
Teresa Camara Pestana
Amalia Alvarez
Mattias Elftorp
Meme Zabratta


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