Starting today is an exhibition from one of the projects I’m working with (I’m unemployed for the moment but I will start getting paid again this summer), TUSEN SERIER:

Vahedeh-Aida Ghardagian
April 23, 2012


About the exhibition:
Who is being portrayed, and how?
What has happened since museums were filled with portraits of kings ans queens? Who is being portrayed today? How are people being exhibited and for whom? What conceptopns are being portrayed?

About the artist:
“In my work, I move between art and activism. I have a global grassroots perspective, I live in close proximity to my art and work in social networks. I work with installation, digital media, images and texts.”

See you there!


April 17, 2012

Piracy is Liberation 011: Demockracy
Coming soon!

Election Day is coming! But it’s an election where there is no real choice. A two-party system where both parties follow the will of the Market, the will of the Holy Corporations and their Priests. Where your influence is an illusion designed to keep you consuming, keep you selling your time to produce wealth for the Masters.

Compete, consume, conform, and vote!

Story, art, design and cover by Mattias Elftorp
56 pgs, b/w
Published by Wormgod

Piracy is Liberation site


April 15, 2012

New book from Wormgod, coming soon! Look for it at Stockholm International Comics Festival and MoCCA:

by Allan Haverholm & Mattias Elftorp
from Wormgod


This book is about exactly what you’d expect from the title.
Read it from one side and it’s about violence: a brutal journey into trauma-induced unconsciousness, directed by Mattias Elftorp, the writer/artist of Piracy is Liberation, Arg Kanin, etc.
Then flip the book and read it from the other side and you get sex: Allan Haverholm (Sortmund) offers a much more pleasant variation on the same scenario, building up to another kind of climax.

Two stories, two simple concepts, boiled down to experiences that ultimately are very human but extraordinary in their simplicity.

The stories have been published before. VIOLENCE in C’est Bon Anthology vol 3, Piracy is Liberation 005: Free Section and Excessive Force, SEX in C’est Bon Anthology vol 11.

Kristiina Kolehmainen

April 12, 2012

Kristiina Kolehmainen
1956 – 2012

Being part of the international and Swedish comics scene, I have a lot to thank Kristiina Kolehmainen for. She broke down some of the borders between Sweden and the rest of the world and gave me access to parts of the international comics scene I may very well have missed if it wasn’t for her.

The last time I met her, we shared a few beers after the end of the I Seriernas Värld comics festival in Malmö 2011. I was disillusioned over Sweden in general and she helped me see, not that I was wrong but that I had an ally. Someone who understood exactly what I mean and could give me some added insights into what’s wrong with this place. It meant a lot to me right then. Still does.

I miss you, Kristiina.



April 11, 2012


Saw some documentaries on string theory the other night. Now my theory that Piracy is Liberation is a depiction of things happening in a neighboring universe doesn’t seem that far-fetched. Maybe one with 4 main dimensions (2 spatial, time and 7th direction, which are all actually spatial when you think about it). Or maybe their 7th direction is the space between universes? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Ask Youtube and read the books:

Science fiction meets mathematics, again. I also thought it was interesting that some big breakthrough in string theory occured around the same time as Crisis on Infinite Earths was published…