Things that will happen…

October 5, 2011

Trying to get things straight in my head and figure out what I’m doing nowadays, so here’s a list (more info, links, etc on each thing later, google them if you’re in a hurry):

October 14, 1200-1700: Wormgod (which in this case means me) arranges Chili Com Carne’s exhibition Futuro Primitivo in Malmö. Part of I Seriernas Värld 2011.

October 21, 1800-2100: Opening of the exhibition Tusen Serier: Väggfanzine at Tryckeriet (Kulturskolan Sofielund), Rolfsgatan 7b. Also part of I Seriernas Värld 2011.

October 29-30, 1200-1800: I Seriernas Värld comics fair. I will be there at the Tusen Serier/Wormgod table. Definitely part of I Seriernas Värld 2011.

November 11-12: TRAUMA noise/drone/power electronics/experimental music festival by Wormgod. With art exhibition, noise and harsh music in general. Some bands have been confirmed so far. More later.

November 24-26: Tusen Serier will be represented at Göteborgs Seriefestival by me and Amanda Casanellas… 

Piracy is Liberation 010: Hypertext Consciousness -work in progress…

I have no idea if that’s it or if I just forgot something really important…


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