Style experiments…

April 27, 2010

Ever since I saw the MASSIVE anthology, I’ve been wanting to experiment with a new drawing style. Guess the closest I’ve come to what I want to be doing is the graphics for the AltCom 2010 Festival.

Most certainly, I’ll experiment some more for the next Brand illustration…


Coming soon: Brand

April 27, 2010

Here’s an illustration that I made for the new issue of Brand, to be released on May 1st:

The new magazine looks great. I probably would have used a slightly different style if I’d seen the rest of the book first, but it still feels good to have contributed to such a nice package…

From Helsingborgs Dagblad today:

Dystopia 06!

April 14, 2010

Just printed the first copies of the new Dystopia, which is a plit between Rocco Lombardi and Amanda Casanellas


They will both be officially released at the Small Press eXpo in Stockholm in one and a half week.

Presentation in Swedish:

Italienske Rocco Lombardi möter svenska Amanda Casanellas i en split som på olika sätt berör nationalitet och internationella relationer. Lombardi sätter inre klassmotsättningar i relation till internationella konflikter medan Casanellas sätter fingret på hur det är att växa upp som invandrare i Sverige och hur den situationen hänger ihop med globala relationer. 

 Sida A: 

Pappa höll på att förlora jobbet så både jag och mamma gick med i protesterna för att behålla fabriken. Jag kan fortfarande känna av gasen som polisen använde och TVn pratar nu mest om kriget, men pappa fick åtminstone behålla jobbet. 

 Sida B: 

Casanellas beskriver en verklighet som kan te sig främmande för många svenskar som som för andra är en daglig realitet. De slutsatser som dras i denna serie förklarar varför bilar brinner i förorten genom att visa på konflikter som inte påverkar bara det svenska samhället utan rör sig på en global nivå. Hon pekar också ut boven i dramat…

 Dystopia är ett samarbete mellan Seriefrämjandet och Wormgod där olika serieskapare presenterar visioner av den mörka framtid som går oss till mötes (eller som redan är här?).

Yesterday’s Helsingborgs Dagblad published this image along with the fourth part of Världens Lyckligaste Folk:

Mogens Glistrup: Send them home or put them in camps!

Pia Kjærsgaard: Yes, well… We Danish aren’t a racist people, but…

Some of today’s work…


April 9, 2010

I’m not going to the MoCCA festival this year (this weekend, actually, in New York City. Go check it out if you’re there).

But I am going to be at SPX in Stockholm in a few weeks (April 23-25), and I’m also going to (May 21-23). We’re also trying to find the money to go to the Crack! festival (June 17-20) in Rome to do a Wormgod exhibition…

I’ll be selling Piracy is Liberation and Dystopia at these events, and possibly some other goodies as well. And even if I’m not there, at least the Piracy is Liberation books are going to be available at MoCCA. Look for them at the Swedish table!

Third illustration in the Världens Lyckligaste Folk series (published in Helsingborgs Dagblad):

I can’t find the image at the site right now, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere. At least it was in the paper last Sunday…

The guy in the image is Mogens Glistrup, who started a political (kind of) party in the 1970ies in Denmark. Fremskritsspatriet, which kind of turned into Dansk Folkeparti which is active today (making a long story very short). Fremskrittspartiet was a clown party, much like Ny Demokrati which came later in in Sweden. But where Ny Demokrati failed pretty quickly, their Danish counterparts had lots of success. And their heirs, Dansk Folkeparti has a lot of space to turn their racist, sorry, islamophobic politics into practice. We have a counterpart to them too in Sweden: Sverigedemokraterna. Hopefully they will crawl back under their rook pretty soon too.