Winner of the ISV award!

November 2, 2009

The main weekend of the ISV (I Seriernas Värld) comics festival in Malmö, Sweden, just ended.

For the first time, at least for me, ISV felt like a real comics festival. I’m not sure why that is. Could be because of the international guests, or the overall organisation. I’m not sure. Anyway. There were lots of exhibitions and my art was part of some of them. Scroll down to an older post for more on that, because that’s not what I was going to talk about here.

This is the first page of Jag & min Pappa & Zlatan:


This was my entry in the ISV comics competition. A 10 page story about a girl arriving to sweden with her father hoping to get to meet Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This was also the entry that won the competition, which is very nice. The prize money will make it possible for me not only to pay my rent and bills but also to start working soon on Piracy is Liberation 008: Spiders pt 2.

In the future, you might see a longer graphic novel version of Jag & min Pappa & Zlatan. Hopefully both in English and in Swedish.

Edit: The Jury’s motivation

Drabbande läsning. Svensk-maskerna utgör en stark bild i denna serie om asylsökande. Serien har något särskilt att berätta utan skymten av tom övertydlighet och ett bildberättande som lyfter fram detta innehåll. Tonen i jag-rösten är träffsäker, med korta lakoniska meningar. Teckningar, sidkomposition, bildperspektiv, hur texten är satt och infogad: allt håller.

(From the ISV website)

Second prize was shared by Maria Fröhlich and Sofia Malmberg.


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