Piracy is Liberation 007: Spiders pt 1. Coming soon from Wormgod!

August 11, 2009

The new Piracy is Liberation book is almost finished. Just a little bit of postproduction left to do, then it’s off to the printer.

It will be out as planned in time for the Helsinki comics festival, September 12-13. And it’s just been decided that the publisher will be Wormgod, which I’m very happy with. It means keeping the book all in our own hands (me and Suss who makes the covers and is the other half of Wormgod).

Sample pages will be up at the site soon. Until then, here’s Suss’ cover:

The gods are real, but most of them are dead. Pirate learns this and many more secrets from the anarchists in the desert as he gets his new assignment. Something is moving on the net. Some kind of entities seem to be interfering with its users. Are these signs of the birth of a new god, or is it something else entirely? And how does it affect the plans for the Information Upgrade that the anarchists are planning? We also get some insight into everyday religious life in the City through the surveillance cameras of a Shopping Temple…

There are also some other upcoming projects, not the least of which coming from Wormgod. Stay tuned…


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