Sweden disgusts me.

August 13, 2008

We (the nation commonly known as Sweden) just sent another immigrant away. A guy who’s lived here for 7 years. A guy who has a wife here and who feared for his life if he was to be sent back. A guy who was already sent back once but had to return to Sweden since they didn’t let hom into Iraq if he was forced to go there against his own will.

A guy who hasn’t been heard from since he arrived in Iraq five days ago.

This is nothing new, but this time there was media coverage. Media coverage that reports that none of the authorities involved in the affair is willing to take responsibility for his disappearence. Not the police, who took him out of the country. Not the department of foreign affairs (or whatever it’s called in english) since he isn’t a Swedish citizen. And not the Immigrations authorities who decided not to let him stay here. Fucking bastards.

What I would like is for policies to actually change according to reality. If someone who claimed to be in mortal danger is sent back and disappears right after he/she sets foot in their country of origin, then don’t fucking send people there anymore.

What I also would like is for people here to physically prevent the police from taking people who are to be deported against their will to the airport. It has been done and it has worked and it should be done more often. Until policies have changed.

If someone comes to your door who is running for their life, you let them in and give them something to eat. Simple regular humanity, if there is such a thing…

While on drugs…

August 12, 2008

Page 1 from the upcoming Piracy is Liberation 005: Free Section:

I’m a bit behind schedule with this book, for good and bad reasons, but I still have hopes of printing it before the end of September. We’ll see…

Listening to Angelic Upstarts – Leave Me Alone.

Wondering why my scanner seems to have stopped working…

Here’s an illustration recently published in local newspaper (Helsingborgs Dagblad):

I live the grown-up life like I always thought it would be:

I can stay up as late as I want to and I get to eat ice-cream whenever I feel like it.