Midsummer’s Eve with no human sacrifice

June 20, 2008

Once again, a union blockade seems to have been deemed illegal by the police.
Dagens Nyheter reports the anarchosyndicalist union, SAC Syndikalisterna, broke off a blockade against Systembolaget (the only chain of stores in Sweden allowed to sell alcohol) in Stockholm, to avoid a confrontation with the police.

They were still able to have some effect though, since they stopped deliveries for at least one day. And this is just before midsummer’s Eve, one of the holidays in Sweden that entails the most alcohol.

Hade you seen the film The Wicker Man (the one from 1973)? Midsummer’s Eve is kind of like that, except we don’t burn any wicker men, we just dance around a phallic pole stuck into the ground. And most(?) of us don’t even do that, we just get drunk.

I’m planning to avoid the poledancing and settle for some Drum n Bass. Maybe I’ll watch The Wicker Man too, just to get in the mood…


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